Lung Cancer

by Allan (I'm a person with cancer) - Limestone Coast

I am 64 years old and hoping for a few more years.
I felt that something was not quite right so I visited my GP and was refered for a chest X Ray. Something suspect on the X Ray so off for a CT scan. A spot on the CT, off to Ballarat for another CT and PET scan. PET showed spot as glowing, most likely cancer, not the best news. Referal to the RAH Chest Clinic to see a proceedural specialist, action the next day. Needle biopsy……proved inconclusive. EBUS, camera down the throat, lymph node OK. Refered to a RAH surgeon. Decision time, decided on another byopsy using key hole surgery, this proved the spot was cancer, while still sedated, so a large cut and out came the cancerous lung lobe.
I am one week out of surgery and in recovery now (April 2013) all looks good.
The cancer I had / have was 1a category, the earliest detectable.
I am sore but relieved I reacted early and followed up each time I thought there was a delay.
All professional people I had contact with during this time were really wonderful caring people, thank you.
All I can say is check as early as you can if something is not quite right. The spot I had increased from 1.2cm to 3.0cm in 7 weeks.