Lung Cancer

I am 64 years old and hoping for a few more years. I felt that something was not quite right so I visited my GP and was refered for a chest X Ray. Something suspect on the X Ray so off for a CT scan. A spot on the CT, off to Ballarat for another […]

Sue’s experience as a volunteer and more recently a carer

Having clients, close friends & family travelling the journey of cancer I wanted to be able to support them more. Approximately 6 years ago now the Cancer Council of SA put me in touch with a program called Look Good Feel Better. This opened up so many doors of opportunity to be able to volunteer […]

Voluntary Support- By Brian

My son was 25 years old when diagnosed with non hodgkins, 6 months married and had moved to Murray Bridge 3 months earlier. Chemo therapy fortnightly for 6 months in Adelaide and talk of possible radiation followup, thankfully wasn’t needed. The situation did highlight to my family how lifestyles not just of the patient but […]

Steph’s story

I began volunteering at the Cancer Council SA in the hope that I would gain some valuable experience in health promotion and health education. Fortunately for me, at the time Kate had just begun working on the Country Cancer Support website. Having grown up in the city you take for granted the accessibility and availability […]

Kate’s story

I grew up on a farm near Streaky Bay so I have seen first hand how difficult it can be for people faced with cancer in isolated areas. For this reason I decided to do my M. Psych (Clin)/ PhD research on the supportive care needs of rural cancer patients and have spent the past […]