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11. Support services that may be helpful

Don’t be afraid to seek help of any description. Many people report that they wish they sought emotional help earlier. The following services may be of use.

  • Cancer Council Helpline: phone 13 11 20 for confidential information and support for people with cancer, their families and their friends, from nurses who have a background in oncology.
  • Carer Advisory and Counselling Service: phone 1800 242 636, visit
    www.carers-sa.asn.au/ or email info@carers-sa.asn.au for information, emotional support, financial assistance and free counselling for carers.
  • Visit or phone your local CarersSA office:
  • Healthdirect Australia for 24 hour health advice, phone 1800 022 222
  • Palliative Care Council of SA: for information on caring for a palliative patient at home, phone 08 8271 1643 or visit www.pallcare.asn.au
  • OC Challenge’s domestic travel assistance program. For information about the OC Challenge’s domestic travel assistance program which can provide domestic travel assistance to a family member/carer to travel to support to a South Australian woman diagnosed with ovarian, fallopian or peritoneal cancer, please speak to a hospital social worker, the patients’ treating doctor or support nurse, or call Cancer Council 13 11 20. They will assist you with completing the necessary paperwork which then needs to be returned to: Attention OC Challenge Travel Grant Request, PO Box 20 Semaphore, SA, 5019. Eligibility criteria apply.

For information on and assistance with organising respite care for a few hours or a few days, contact:

  • Commonwealth Carer Respite Centre: phone 1800 059 059
  • Commonwealth Carelink Centres: phone 1800 052 222

For information on eligibility for pensions, allowances and payments (for you and/or the patient), phone  13 27 17 or visit www.humanservices.gov.au

To use the service directory section of this website to find support services in your local area, click here.