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I’m a health professional

Rural cancer patients and their families experience a range of additional stressors, particularly if they need to travel to obtain medical treatment. This section contains information and tips designed to help you deal more effectively with these patients’ unique needs. Some information has been provided at the suggestion of rural cancer patients. Other sections are based on the academic literature. References are provided at the end of this section.

  1. Unique stressors rural cancer patients face

  2. Important things for urban-based health professionals to consider when treating rural patients

  3. Rural treatment centres

  4. What are “psychosocial interventions”?

  5. Why is it important to consider cancer patients’ psychosocial needs?

  6. Why is it PARTICULARLY important to consider RURAL cancer patients’ psychosocial needs?

  7. Useful contacts to help you with rural cancer patients

  8. Travel distance calculator

  9. Useful links

  10. References

  11. Downloadable documents

Printable version of whole health professional section

To use the service directory to help find support services located in rural areas click here.